World of Warcraft Websites

6/6/2009 3:09:34 PM

Well, it was inevitable that I would have a World of Warcraft blog as soon as humanly possible. I have recently been building this blog engine on an ADO.NET Linq to Entities environment that talks to a SQL Server Database. More about that in the Programming section of my blogs.

Like I mentioned before it was only a matter of time before I had a small rant about one of my favorite games and posted some useful Websites that I use all the time. My main character that I play is an Undead Mage, Heatsink on Jadenar in a guild called . It is just a small guild with mostly mates and a few people I have met along the way.

Some of the Websites that I frequent on a day to day basis are:
  • Wowhead - Great Website/Database of all of World of Warcrafts loot, bosses, strategies etc.
  • Wowinsider - Here you can find many, many articles on the goings on of World of Warcraft on a day to day basis. Since the game changes so frequently it is a great Website to keep up to date.
  • The World of Warcraft General Formus - Great forum for all WoW characters to visit. Some useful things and some not so useful, but VERY funny forum threads.
  • Curse Gaming - If you happen to use mods or add-ons in game, this Website is a terrific repository of all add-ons.

I hope that these Websites will help you in your journies in the World of Warcraft and if you don't play maybe inspired you to have a crack at it.

May all your hits be crits.