6/5/2009 12:30:11 PM

All of the banners that are on my Website were shot by me. So, I thought it might be appropriate to do a write up on how I make them. I don't use photoshop, although I have heard that you can use it and it works very well. Maybe something for me to try and do a writeup in the future. Instead, I use an open source photo stitching program called Hugin. Most cameras these days have a panoramic setting on them. Myself, I use a Canon Powershot Pro1. It is a terrific camera. Some panoramic shots can be hard to take. Many of mine don't turn out the way I want them too. Some things that can affect your shots are:

  • Objects moving in the shot - The camera only knows how to deal with what you tell it too. I have had trouble with waves, moving trees, cloud formations, etc.
  • Lighting - lighting can be a bit of a problem with some photos. In particular panoramic. If you are shooting a large area and the sun is in one shot, but not in another it can play with the light settings and ruin the shot.
  • Too many photos - One of my favorite panoramic that I have shot is one of Oamaru. The only problem that I had was that I took about 11 shots. It made the panoramic massive and was not the overall look that I wanted.
Once you are ready to shoot take your 5-7 shots from right to left. Now that you have your shots you are ready to put them in hugin. To do this you:
  • Download and install the program from here.
  • Click on load images
  • Select your images that you want to load in from your camera.
  • Click on align images
  • View your image. Make sure that it is what you desire.
  • It can be useful to try the different views it gives you in the bottom left.
  • Close that main window - back to the Tools Frontend
  • Click on create hugin
  • And watch the program work.
And that is that. You should have your very first panoramic. Don't get discouraged if it didn't turn out the way you wanted. It is an art. It takes time and many, many tries.