2/24/2010 7:00:35 PM

Well, I thought that I would start my new Blog Adventures section with my recent trip to Okai. Okai is located at the end of Riddell road in the Papanui Inlet.

As I arrived at the end of the road I saw a sign that read Okai pyramids 1.5 hours return. I thought to myself 1.5 hours, easy peasy. I wish someone would have whispered in my ear "You're Dreaming". 3 hours, 20 pounds and 2 minor strokes later I had arrived! With hopes and promises of seals, penguins and pyramids driving me the whole time. Lets just say on a scale of 1 to disappointed, I was disappointed. Apparently, I had walked right passed the "pyramids". Oh, by pyramids they must have meant the big round rocks I walked passed....

However, it was not all a total loss. As I started my journey down the never ending path to nowhere a young Swedish fellow turned and asked "What do you think my chances of seeing a Sea Lion are?". Well, I told him "Look at all these signs saying Beware: Do Not Approach the Sea Lions there must be some down there". As we walked down the never ending path we discussed where he was from, where I was from, what we are doing in New Zealand, why we came and all sorts of other interesting things. He was a very interesting chap that was here on an Overseas Experience working for a roofing company.

Unfortunately when we arrived at the beach there was nothing. Not a sausage. After being totally and utterly disappointed I decided to high tail it out of there. He said he was going to walk towards the cliffs in hope of viewing sea lions. So we split paths and I started my long journey back to my car, which I thought would never come.

Overall, I think you can gather that I was very disappointed, but I did manage to get somewhat of a photo gallery out of it. Check it out and let me know what you think. Email Aaron.