Midsummer Fire Festival 2009 (June 21 - July 5)

6/24/2009 11:41:26 AM

Once again another World Event where you have to travel all over the world. Hello sitting in the major cities selling Teleports for ridiculous amounts of gold. As a Mage we obviously have an advantage, we like it that way.

Flame Keeper Heatsink. I do like the sound of that, but I think that I will keep my favorite Heatsink Champion of the Frozen Wastes. I thought that I would do a write-up on some things that helped me. Of course our source for all quests and related items can be found at Wowhead.

Midsummer Fire Festival involves running ALL around the world of Azeroth. Some map coordinates that might be useful are:

Eastern Kingdoms

  • Arathi Highlands: Refuge Pointe [A][50,44] · Hammerfall [H][74,41]
  • Badlands: Kargath [H][4,49]
  • Blasted Lands: Nethergarde Keep [A][58,17]
  • Burning Steppes: Morgan's Vigil [A][80,62] · Flame Crest [H][62,29]
  • Dun Morogh: Kharanos [A][46,46]
  • Duskwood: Darkshire [A][74,51]
  • Elwynn Forest: Goldshire [A][43,65]
  • Eversong Woods: North Sanctum [H][46,50]
  • Ghostlands: Tranquillien [H][46,26]
  • Hillsbrad Foothills: Southshore [A][50,46] · Tarren Mill [H][58,25]
  • Loch Modan: Thelsamar [A][32,40]
  • Redridge Mountains: Lakeshire [A][24,59]
  • Silverpine Forest: The Sepulcher [H][49,38]
  • Stranglethorn Vale: Booty Bay [A][34,73] · Booty Bay [H][33,75]
  • Swamp of Sorrows: Stonard [H][47,47]
  • The Hinterlands: Aerie Peak [14,50] · Revantusk Village [H][76,74]
  • Tirisfal Glades: Brill [H][57,52]
  • Western Plaguelands: Chillwind Camp [H][43,82]
  • Westfall: Sentinel Hill [A][56,54]
  • Wetlands: Menethil Harbor [A][13,47]


  • Ashenvale: Astranaar [A][37,54] · Splintertree Post [H][70,69]
  • Azuremyst Isle: Azure Watch [A][44,53]
  • Bloodmyst Isle: Blood Watch [A][55,69]
  • Darkshore: Auberdine [A][37,46]
  • Desolace: Nijel's Point [A][65,17] · Shadowprey Village [H][26,76]
  • Durotar: Razor Hill [H][52,47]
  • Dustwallow Marsh: Theramore Isle [A][62,40] · Brackenwall Village [H][33,30]
  • Feralas: Feathermoon Stronghold [A][28,43] · Camp Mojache [H][72,47]
  • Mulgore: Bloodhoof Village [51,60]
  • Silithus: Cenarion Hold [A][57,34] · Cenarion Hold [H][46,44]
  • Stonetalon Mountains: Sun Rock Retreat [H][50,60]
  • Tanaris: Gadgetzan [A][52,29] · Gadgetzan [H][49,27]
  • Teldrassil: Dolanaar [A][55,60]
  • The Barrens: Crossroads [H][52,28]
  • Thousand Needles: Freewind Post [H][42,53]
  • Winterspring: Everlook [A][62,35] · Everlook [H][59,35]


  • Blade's Edge Mountains: Sylvanaar [A][42,66] · Thunderlord Stronghold [H][50,59]
  • Hellfire Peninsula: Honor Hold [A][62,58] · Thrallmar [H][55,40]
  • Nagrand: Telaar [A][50,70] · Garadar [H][51,34]
  • Netherstorm: Area 52 [A][31,63] · Area 52 [H][32,68]
  • Shadowmoon Valley: Wildhammer Stronghold [A][40,55] · Shadowmoon Village [H][33,30]
  • Terokkar Forest: Allerian Stronghold [A][55,55] · Stonebreaker Hold [H][52,43]
  • Zangarmarsh: Telredor [A][69,52] · Zabra'Jin [H][36,52]


  • Borean Tundra: Fizzcrank Airstrip [A][55,20] · Bor'gorok Outpost [H][51,12]
  • Dragonblight: Wintergarde Keep [A][75,44] · Agmar's Hammer [H][39,48]
  • Crystalsong Forest: Windrunner's Overlook [A][78,75] · Sunreaver's Command [H][80,53]
  • Grizzly Hills: Amberpine Lodge [A][34,61] · Conquest Hold [H][19,61]
  • Howling Fjord: Fort Wildervar [A][58,16] · Camp Winterhoof [H][48,13]
  • Sholazar Basin: River's Heart [A][47,66] · River's Heart [H][47,62]
  • Storm Peaks: K3 [A][42,87] · K3 [H][40,86]
  • Zul'Drak: The Argent Stand [H][41,61] · The Argent Stand [H][43,71]

The Midsummer Fire Festival is HEAPS of fun! I recommend doing it. If you need some motivation to do it I made over 1000+ gold, not including dailies and the northrend flames.