Living Bomb

7/6/2009 7:38:27 PM

I have been up in Wellington, New Zealand recently working on a Silverlight project. I have of course had access to all of my links and rss feeds through the internet I just wasn't in my usual routine of grabbing lunch and hitting up Wow Insider for the latest news.

Today at lunch I thought I would have a look and see what I had missed. Apparently, I had missed alot. With patch 3.2 just around the corner it is hard to take it all in and sometimes many things get lost or over looked.

One of the first posts that I read today was the change that they had made to Living Bomb. "Living Bomb can now be applied to multiple targets". Now, I don't know if that has hit home yet. I will give you a moment... WOW! That is a HUGE change to one of the best mage spells in the game.

I immediately started thinking of ALL the fun to be had. Lets think about a few scenarios:

  • 5 arena mages - All with image glyph (for those of you who don't know the image glyph gives us mages a 4th image to our spell). So, 5 mages x 5 images, ALL with living bomb on each target. WOW.
  • How many times have you grabbed 10 mobs with Ice Lance and frost nova'd them to the ground and started the ol' Blizzard cranking? Well, now you can use living bomb instead of ice lance. WOW.
  • Trash pulls in all instances will not just lead to an automatic cast of Blizzard anymore. Now you can apply it to multiple mobs and watch the fiery chaos begin.

Now, Ghostcrawler has been VERY clear about this. "We are testing this to see how it goes". Aannnnnnnd welcome to our dreams crushed. This change would however be terribly over powered. Mage deeps would shoot through the roof. Seriously, think about it. The only way I can see this change being at all balanced is a major increase in mana cost or some sort of a Arcane Blast affect where the more you use it the more mana it will cost.

At the end of the day we are back to being a Mage. Having to be mana conscious and gear specifically for these changes. That is not a big deal as we have been adjusting to changes ever since we dawned our eyes on our first raid boss.

"I know why you are grouping with me. I bet you wanna get some water outa me. Do I look like a vending machine? No, Im a Fireballin M.A.G.E"