KatMouse Utility

6/19/2009 7:17:00 PM

If you are anything like me you loathe many things. One of those things is focus in Windows. It drives me bonkers sometimes when things take focus when I do not want them too. I was introduced to a small little utility by one of my colleagues that works in the background. It is called KatMouse and can be found here.

It is very useful to keep focus on your current page and just mouse over another page and able to scroll all around that page, without losing focus on your main page.

One thing I do suggest after installing is configuring it a little bit. Do you ever use middle click to close your tabs in FireFox? I know I do! If you right click on the task icon you can configure it. Select the Wheel button tab -> change the drop down to "None of the buttons" -> and you are done.

This works on all Windows systems. I have found it very useful. I use it on all of my computers.