Harington Point

2/24/2010 6:59:33 PM

"Have you run your fingers down the wall. And have you felt your neck skin crawl. When you're searching for the light? Sometimes when you're scared to take a look. At the corner of the room. You've sensed that somethings watching you."
Iron Maiden

I thought the lyrics above from the song 'Fear of the Dark' were suitable for this blog post. I recently took a trip out to Harington Point. It is located on the way to the Albatross Colony just East of Dunedin. It is the location of some very interesting bunkers. The bunkers were put there in World War II when there was some fear of Japan invading New Zealand.

I woke up very early for a Saturday morning very excited about the trip ahead. At first I drove right past them. They are somewhat hard to spot. I ended up at the Albatross Colony, but when I looked back to town I could see them.

As I arrived at the first bunker I very quickly began to realize that this was a hang out and had been used as an environment for some interesting artwork. Check out some of the work here.

I walked in the first tunnel. It was pitch black. I mean, nothing. I could not even see my hand in front of my face. It was terrifying. Now I am sure you are thinking "Oh Yeah. Sure it was". The only time that I could see anything was after the camera had flashed I could see what was in front of me in the picture viewer. Of course, I was expecting to see some sort of a zombie from I am Legend or some vagrant that wasn't happy with my presence.

So, after about 4 or 5 times of me entering flashing a few pictures and walking out in complete fear for my life my eyes had adjusted to the dark. It was amazing in there. Every wall was riddled in graffiti. It was obvious that many parties had been hosted there and many people had attended these parties.

So, after that small ordeal I continued on my journey around the bunkers. The furthest one from me was interesting and had some of the best artwork. However, it was in a foundation. Over excited about getting the pictures of the amazing artwork I lept down into the foundation. Did I consider how I would get out of the foundation? No, I did not. BIG mistake. After considering calling in air support to lift me out I finally managed to crawl around the outside of the foundation. Free at last!

If you ever get the chance to go out to these bunkers I recommend taking a torch and maybe some rope ;)