Favorite Photographs of 2009

1/6/2010 11:30:53 PM

Well, it is 7 days into the new year. I have just fixed my blog engine after recently having moved to proper hosting and thought it would be a good time to wrap up 2009 with my favorite photos. 2009 has really been my first year shooting photos. I had done a little bit in 2008, but I really started to have a passion for it in 2009.

Below you are going to see my favorite shots from they year. All of the shots have been taken with the Canon Powershot Pro 1. Although I have recently received the Panasonic Lumix G1 I would still like to think that I will find some use for the Powershot.

I tried to take one shot from each album in my photos, but some I felt were not worthy of a "best of" series.

This is my favorite shot of the year. I wanted to start with it because I feel that this is one of the best photos I have taken in 2009. You may not be able to tell but that is the waipori power station in the background. The moss is sitting on top of a parking sign and I had to reach up really high to get the shot. The Powershot was great for this as it has the viewfinder that flips out and down. This shot comes from my Crystal Falls Gallery

I got this shot on my trip up to Wellington for work. I really liked how light the background was and the flowers almost kind of glow. This shot comes from my Wellington Botanical Gardens Gallery

I adore reflection shots. Any opportunity that I can get to take one excites me. This is the inlet just below my house. Dunedin is just off to the right. The water was so calm that day. I have never seen it that calm. I could not resist jumping out of my car to nab this beauty. This shot comes from my Wellington Botanical Gardens Gallery

This is one of the first shots I got with the Powershot. I have a photoshoped version of this photo that really brings out the yellow and orange in the shot, but I thought that the raw untouched photo was worthy. This shot comes from my Dunedin Botanical Gardens Gallery

This shot is from a car show that I went to in Dunedin. I liked the shot because the car did most of the work. The reflection on the top of the roof really made the shot. This shot comes from my Dunedin Car Show

This is a viewer that is on top of the cable car platform in Wellington. I like how you can see the bench in the background. This shot comes from my Wellington Cable Car Gallery

This is a shot of several shells on the beach just around the bend from Aramoana. I particulary like this shot because you can just see the waves crashing in the background. This shot comes from my Aramoana Gallery

I particularly like this shot for a couple of reasons:

  • The reflection of buildings and the cloud in the bottom left hand side.
  • The color. It was shot at dusk and I feel the color really makes this shot worthy.
  • The little whisk of light at the top of the building, it shows a cloudy day in Wellington, but the sun has managed to break through the cloud in just that one spot.
This shot comes from my Wellington Gallery

This is my last favorite shot of the year. This is the Powershot maxed out 10x range. At that range it is very hard to keep the shot stable, but I was able to grab this. This shot comes from my Harrington Point Gallery

Well, that is my favorite shots of the year. I hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed shooting them.