Convert your .mp3s to ring tones

2/27/2010 12:50:41 PM

With my recent purchase of an iPhone one of the first things I wanted to do was put in some custom ring tones. Apparently this is not as easy as just dragging the files into a specified folder on the phone and assigning that ring tone to your phone. These are the steps that I took to get my custom ring tones into my iPhone:

  1. Step 1: If the song you wish to make your ring tone is not currently in your library then drag it into your Music library window.
  2. Make sure that the song is relatively small. Unless you want a long ring tone. I am not sure how long the limit is on the file that you import for your ring tone.
  3. Once you have found the song you want to convert in your library, right click and select Create ACC Version.
  4. Now your Music library should contain two copies of the file. Right Click on the file and select Show in Windows Explorer.
  5. You should now have the file open in Windows Explorer. Rename the file extension to .m4r.
  6. Now Drag the file bag into iTunes. This should open a ring tones section under Libraries.
  7. You can now plug your iPhone in and sync your new ring tone with your iPhone.

I hope this post helps you and allows you to use custom ring tones on your iPhone.