Backstage with Microsoft 2010

7/14/2009 8:56:09 PM

I have recently returned from a work trip up to Wellington where I worked on a Silverlight project with the team up there. With the up and coming release of Office 2010 we were given the task of creating a Website to generate some hype.

The Website was to be built entirely in Silverlight and be a host for videos relative to the release of Office 2010. We also had to have a simple version of the Website that can be viewed on mobile browsers. This simple Website would have the same look and feel as its Silverlight parent, but only have a small portion of the functionality. The main Silverlight application was not only a host for videos, but people were able to come to the Website and comment, suggest new topics, embed the videos in their own Website and rate the videos.

The Website can be found at Microsoft Backstage 2010. The mobile version of the Website can be found at Microsoft Backstage 2010 Mobile. Also, don't forget to check out Office: The Movie.

The team I worked with up there were really helpful. We used some cool things that I have never used like Mindscape Lightspeed for our data layer. I was in charge of the mobile Website. It can be fairly difficult working with mobile devices sometimes, as everyone has something different. Designing the web page to work in all of these different environments proved to be a large task. With Windows emulators I was able to test on that platform and with some people around the office with iPhones and Symbians I could test on them as well.

The overall product came out really well. Although I would have liked to have done some of the Silverlight I think it was best that the top dogs handle that side of it. And did they what. The Silverlight product is AMAZING. It was really good to see it grow.

The team up north deserve big ups. Everyone was very helpful and very well organised. Working together as a team was very important and there were certainly no barriers. That's just how we roll at Intergen.

Chris Auld was the man driving all of this. He is Intergens link between countries with Microsoft. I had heard of a Chris Auld special only in passing. Now I have experienced it. Can't wait to get scruffed next.

I think that Microsoft will be really happy with the overall product.

Our team consisted of: Chris Auld, Andrew Tokeley, Gabrielle Pilgrim, Chris Klug, Daniel McGaughran, James Newton-King, Aaron Hall, Dave Keyes (Hi Dave!), Raymond Shaw, David Porta